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The Mercator projection (/ m ər ˈ k eɪ t ər /) is a cylindrical map projection presented by Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for navigation because it is unique in representing north as up and south as down everywhere while preserving local directions and shapes. The map is thereby conformal Mercator projection, type of map projection introduced in 1569 by Gerardus Mercator. It is often described as a cylindrical projection, but it must be derived mathematically. The meridians are equally spaced parallel vertical lines, and the parallels of latitude are parallel horizontal straight lines that are spaced farther and farther apart as. The Mercator projection was invented by Gerardus Mercator, a Flemish mapmaker. His name is a latinized version of Gerhard Kramer. This is his famous world map of 1569. A modern Mercator projection map. The property of the Mercator projection map that made it useful to navigators is that it preserves angles. Lines of constant compass heading (called rhumb lines by sailors) are straight lines on this map. Say you're in Vancouver and want to get to Honolulu, Hawaii. You don't have GPS, just a.

Mercator's projection is still used for virtually all nautical charts published today. Mercator's Atlas Mercator was a devout Christian, a Bible student, and a cogent creationist. In 1578, Mercator published updated versions of Ptolemy's 27 2 nd-century maps of the world, as a preliminary to his world Atlas, which he labelled Cosmographic Meditations on the Creation of the World and. The mercator projection is a commonly used projection on computer maps because it has perpendicular latitude and longitude lines (forming rectangles)

Karten gewöhnlich eingesetzte Projektion ist Mercator, oder besser, ein spezieller Typ von Mercator, den wir die Google projection nennen Mercator Puzzle ¶ Redux — by Bramus!. Drag the shapes to their correct location. If you don't know the position of a country, double click it to let the computer place it The projection is known by several names: Gauss Conformal or Gauss-Krüger in Europe; the transverse Mercator in the US; or Gauss-Krüger transverse Mercator generally. The projection is conformal with a constant scale on the central meridian. (There are other conformal generalisations of the transverse Mercator from the sphere to the ellipsoid but only Gauss-Krüger has a constant scale on the central meridian.) Throughout the twentieth century the Gauss-Krüger transverse. Beginn eines Dialogfensters, einschließlich Registerkartennavigation, um ein Konto zu registrieren oder sich bei einem bestehenden Konto einzuloggen. Sowohl für die Registrieru History and Development of the Mercator Projection. The Mercator projection was originally developed in 1569 by the Flemish cartographer Gerardus Mercator. At this time, many of Europe's top cartographers and explorers used elliptical projections derived from Ptolemy's latitude and longitude grid. Although accurate, these projections were difficult for navigators and explorers to use because they required that bearing constantly be recalculated as they moved (Stockton, 2013)

All cylindrical projections, meridians, and parallels are straight and perpendicular to one another. The Mercator projection ensures that all of the lines on the map are straight and perpendicular to one another, making it the only one where each primary direction remains true even though our planet isn't flat. The stretching of the map increases when moving north and south, but that also. Modeled and animated by Grafonaut. Video as part of a course by Emarin Norway. Explaining the sacrifices made to convert the earths spherical surface into a. Old map The World On Mercators Projection. Mapa que demuestra el derrotero q[ue] : hizo M. Cook en 1776, 1777, 1778, y 1779 en su tercero y ultimo viaj A description of how cylindrical projections are develope

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  1. Definition of Mercator projection : a conformal map projection of which the meridians are usually drawn parallel to each other and the parallels of latitude are straight lines whose distance from each other increases with their distance from the equator Illustration of Mercator projection
  2. The Mercator projection was developed in 1569 by Gerardus Mercator as a navigational tool. This map's grid is rectangular and lines of latitude and longitude are parallel throughout. The Mercator map was designed as an aid to navigators with straight lines, loxodromes or rhumb lines—representing lines of constant compass bearing—that are perfect for true direction
  3. World On Mercators Projection 1882. View High Resolution Interactive Globe View All Interactive Globes.
  4. Charakteristika. Die Gall-Peters Projektion wurde im Jahr 1855 von James Gall auf einer Tagung der British Association for the Advancement of Science als Gall's Orthographic Projection vorgestellt.. Die Peters-Projektion war für Weltkarten entwickelt worden, um alle Länder in flächentreuem Größenverhältnis darzustellen. Die zum Vergleich herangezogenen Zylinderprojektionen.
  5. Because the projection was intended to be a reference for navigation and not land geography, the landmasses on the map are not necessarily proportional to their actual size; at higher latitudes, landmasses appear larger than their actual size. Despite these distortions, Mercator's projection is still heavily used today. In addition to publishing his famous projection, Mercator was the.
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Old Antique World Map on Mercators Projection - kaufen Sie dieses Foto und finden Sie ähnliche Bilder auf Adobe Stoc Looking for Mercators projection? Find out information about Mercators projection. an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid, scale being exaggerated with increasing distance from the equator... Explanation of Mercators projection The map most commonly used in the world is the Mercator map. This is the map that we see in classrooms all over the world. This is also the map that formulates our basic ideas of what our planet looks like. In fact, even Google Maps uses the Mercator map The Transverse Mercator map projection was invented by Johann Lambert and presented in 1772. Lambert rotated the Mercator cylindrical projection 90 degrees, making the tangent line a line of longitude instead of the equator. Only the central meridian and the equator of the projection are straight lines. All other latitude lines and longitude lines are complex curves; that is, they cannot be represented as sections of a single circle. Unlike th The projection of Mercator is a cylindrical cartographic projection that represents the whole terrestrial surface. It was developed by Gerardus Mercator in the sixteenth century, in the year 1569

Weltkarte In Mercators Projection, Gotha, 1891 . Forschungsbibliothek Gotha » Karten » Adolf Stieler's Handatlas Über Alle Theile Der Erde Und Über Das Weltgebäude : 95 Karten. Karte/Band als Teil eines mehrteiligen Kartenwerkes; Typ: Karte als Teil eines mehrbändigen Kartenwerkes: Hauptsachtitel: Weltkarte In Mercators Projection: Weitere Sachtitel: Luftdruck im Jahresdurchschnitt und. Alte Weltkarte auf Mercators Projektion - Lizenzfrei Alt Stock-Foto Beschreibung Original old hand coloured map of the World on Mercators projection circa 1860, please note the countries are named as they were then i.e. Persia, Arabia and Siam etc. Joined from two pages of an atlas there are a few stains as expected with a document that's over 150 years old

Mercators projection synonyms, Mercators projection pronunciation, Mercators projection translation, English dictionary definition of Mercators projection. Mercator projection n. A cylindrical map projection in which the meridians and parallels appear as lines crossing at right angles and in which areas appear.. The modified Mercator projection used by Google, Bing, and ArcGIS Online is not designed to minimize distortion at all. Instead, it was engineered for convenience in working with cached map tiles. This projection fit the entire globe (well, most of the latitudes anyway) into a square area that could be covered by 256 x 256 pixel tiles. The projection sacrifices some accuracy because it is based on a perfect sphere (the earth is better approximated by a spheroid), but the biggest problem is. Mercator projection. an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid, scale being exaggerated with increasing distance from the equator. Collins Discovery Encyclopedia, 1st edition © HarperCollins Publishers 2005. The following article is from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia(1979)

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  1. Mercators Weltkarte ermöglichte Seefahrern, in weiten Gewässern zielgenau zu navigieren - trotz der immensen Verzerrungen an den Polen der Erde. Gerhard Mercator erfindet die Welt neu . Gerhard Mercator, der am 5. März 1512 in Rupelmonde in Flandern geboren wurde, sollte das ändern. Er prägt bis in die Gegenwart das Bild, das sich die Menschen von der Erde machen, auf der sie stehen.
  2. The World, on Mercators Projection. Zeit : ca. 1807: Beschreibung : Karte zeigt die gesamte Welt. Als das Zeitalter der Entdeckungen bezeichnet man populärwissenschaftlich den Zeitraum etwa vom 15. bis zum 18. Jahrhundert. Die Epoche wird zur Frühen Neuzeit gerechnet und befasst sich vornehmlich mit den Erkenntnissen von Seefahrern und von Forschungsreisenden. Die Vorstellung vom Zeitalter der Entdeckungen ist geprägt von Seefahrten und Entdeckungen in Übersee. Es umfasst inhaltlich aber.
  3. Chart of the world on Mercators projection Creator: Doolittle, Amos, 1754-1832 Morse, Jedidiah, 1761-1826 Thomas & Andrews Place of Publication: Boston Publisher: Thomas & Andrews Publication Date: 1796? Language: English Scale: Scale not given ; Subjects Subjects / Keywords: World maps -- Early works to 1800 ( lcsh ) Genre: single map ( marcgt ) Coordinates: 80 x -180, -70 x -180, -70 x 180.
  4. Mercator projection. ( mɜːˈkeɪtə) n. (Physical Geography) an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid, scale being exaggerated with increasing distance from the equator. Also called: Mercator's projection
  5. Titel: Henze's Weltkarte : in Mercators Projection; mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Welt- und Handelsverkehrs, des Kolonialbesitzes und der Polargebiete; Section I-VI Beigefügtes Werk: Nebenkarten auf Sect. 4: Nordpolarregionen (1:50 000 000), Kiantschen-Bucht (1:1 000 000), Inseln der Marianen- u. Karolinenarchipole (1:2 500 000 u. 1:5 000 000).
  6. Old map World on Mercators Projection. North America, South America, Asia, and Africa showing Minerals and Agriculture (Crops)
  7. English: The Mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection presented by the Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for nautical purposes because of its ability to represent lines of constant course, known as rhumb lines or loxodromes, as straight segments

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Die Fototapete Mercator-Projektion Weltkarte feiert das Erbe des Kartographen aus dem 16. Jahrhundert, Gerardus Mercator. Unsere Mercators-Welt-Projektion-Fototapete hat durch weiche Pastellfärbungen einen wunderschön altmodischen Look inne, der Ihre Inneneinrichtungsdekoration auf einen Schlag komplett verändern wird Mercator projection n an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid, scale being exaggerated with increasing distance from the equator, (Also called) Mercators projection (C17: named after G. Mercator Map Projections. When making world maps, cartographers, or mapmakers, have their hands full.After all, figuring out how to portray our spherical Earth on a flat piece of paper definitely presents.

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  1. This is Get to Know a Projection, a Map Lab series that shows you all the different ways to unround the Earth. We begin with the projection you are likely to be most familiar with. The Mercator.
  2. Given how popular the Mercator projection is, it's wise to question how it makes us view the world. Many have noted, for example, how the distortion around the poles makes Africa look smaller than.
  3. Jetzt verfügbar bei ZVAB.com - Weimar: Geographisches Institut [1860]., - 1860 - Stahlstich von C. Hensgen. In der rechten unteren Bildecke Erklärungen zu den Besitzungen Europäischer Staaten in anderen Erdteilen. - Aus Kieperts Hand-Atlas der Erde und des Himmels. - Mittelfalz, an den Rändern leicht fingerfleckig. Sehr schöne Karte. 901428 Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 202 Alt.

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Wyld, James, 1812-1887; Wyld, James, 1790-1836; The World on Mercators projection. By James Wyld. 1837. London : Published by James Wyld. (to accompany) A new general atlas of modern geography : consisting of a complete collection of maps of the four quarters of the globe; 13170.005; Folded engraved, hand-colored in outline map of the world from the early 19th century, it depicts most of. Kaufen Sie eine alte,antike und historische 1865 - The World on Mercators Projection (Replikat) als Original, Digitaldruck Replikat oder als digitale Bi World Mercator's projection, 1812 günstig auf Amazon.de: Kostenlose Lieferung an den Aufstellort sowie kostenlose Rückgabe für qualifizierte Artike Städteansichten und Landkarten aus Deutschland und aller Welt. Bücher zur Orts- und Landeskunde deutschsprachiger Länder. Wertvolle und seltene Bücher aus vielerlei Gebieten. Ausgewählte Dekorative Graphik, speziell Porträtstiche, Berufsdarstellungen und Heiligenbilder sowie Kuriositäten und Raritäten aller Art Zeichnungen, Aquarelle und Künstlergraphi Planiglob in Mercators Projection, zur Übersicht der Erdfläche und der Seereisen, von Adolf Stieler. Neue verbesserte Auflage 1853. - Verlag: Gotha: Justus Perthes 1853. 1853. Gebraucht / Anzahl: 0. Verkäufer Antiquariat Tautenhahn (Lübeck, Deutschland) Bewertung: Bei weiteren Verkäufern erhältlich . Alle Exemplare dieses Buches anzeigen. Über dieses Buch. Leider ist dieses Exemplar.

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Kartograph, Astrologe, Philosoph, Mathematiker. Betrachtet man die Erwähnungen Mercators in den Lexika und Sachbüchern des 19. und 20. Jahrhunderts, scheint sich das Bild Gerhard Mercators bis in das 20. Jahrhundert hinein kaum verändert zu haben. Eines wird allerdings deutlich: Der Name Mercator steht unmissverständlich für wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt und den Ausgang aus dem. Mercator map projection: see map projection map projection, transfer of the features of the surface of the earth or another spherical body onto a flat sheet of paper. Only a globe can represent accurately the shape, orientation, and relative area of the earth's surface features; any projection produces distortion wit

Download this stock image: WORLD ON MERCATOR'S PROJECTION. British Empire. Telegraph cables. LETTS 1883 map - 2A8WF37 from Alamy's library of millions of high resolution stock photos, illustrations and vectors Synonyms for Mercator projections in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for Mercator projections. 1 synonym for Mercator projection: Mercator's projection. What are synonyms for Mercator projections For many people, the Earth as they know it is heavily informed by the Mercator projection - a tool used for nautical navigation that eventually became the world's most widely recognized map. Mercator's Rise to the Top. With any map projection style, the big challenge lies in depicting a spherical object as a 2D graphic. There are various trade-offs with any map style, and those trade-offs can vary depending on how the map is meant to be used The projection allows sailors to navigate following rhumb lines (or loxodromes), as these always appear on the map as straight lines, with the curvature of the earth taken into account. Mercator had found a way to transfer a 3D object onto a 2D plane. Although Mercator is most famous for his projection, it does not actually feature in his atlas. Instead it was published separately, in 1569. First, the UTM System is not a projection (!!!); rather, it is a global system of narrow mapping zones - each with its own instance of the transverse Mercator coordinate projection method. 120 zones means 120 map projections. Second, each instance of the transverse Mercator projection method used in this system is a secant type of projection (scale factor along the central meridian < 1.0.

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Startseite » Karten » The world on Mercators projection. Adina Sommer`s antike Landkarten und zeitgenössische Kunst. The world on Mercators projection. Description. Large folding world map on Mercator's Projection. Paris 1810. copper engraved map, with some outline colouring; overall 46×70 cm. folding map on 21 segments, pasted on linen. small to no margins; no distinctive platemarks; some foxing and staining; paper label on top verso segment; with vellum tag; vg cond Description: Striking and highly detailed fine unusual 1606 Jan Jansson's copper engraved map of the World of a Mercator Projection. The cartography embraces many of the common misconceptions of the period, including general confusion regarding the cartography of North America, the polar regions, the interior of Africa, and East Asia. The map provides excellent topographic details. The map is filled with a strapwork title cartouche embellished with two natives, two compass roses. Mercator is most famous for his production of a map in 1569 that was based on a new projection which represented sailing courses of constant bearing as straight lines. Our World of Mercator's Projection Map Wallpaper Mural has a beautiful vintage look, with soft pastel colouring that will completely transform your interior décor in an instant

Mercator projection as a tool for development of interdisciplinary relations among physics, mathematics and geography. Vol. 2152, Issue. , p. 030034. CrossRef; Google Scholar; Google Scholar Citations. View all Google Scholar citations for this article. Scopus Citations. View all citations for this article on Scopus × Get access. Add to cart USD35.00. Check if you have access via personal or. To Capt. John Wood this map of the world, drawn according to Mercators projection, is humbly dedicated Other Title Map of the world, drawn according to Mercators projection Contributor Names Morden, Robert, approximately 1650-1703, cartographer 1896 Antique World Map Mercators Projection Original 19th Century Johnston. $63.82. shipping: + $18.55 shipping . Henricus Hondius Nova Totius Terrarum Orbis Geographica Ac Hydrographica Tabula . $115.00. $125.00. Free shipping . 1570 Germany Orbis Terrarum Historic Old Map - 24x32. $19.95. shipping: + $5.95 shipping . World Map Mercator's Projection 1829 Lapie large folio map. $76.00. $95.00. Gerard Mercators Correspondence. Nearly 90 letters of the correspondence of Gerard Mercator (1512 - 1594) survived to present day, more than 200 pieces can bei traced. As a member of the republic of letters he stood in contact with scholars all around Europe and had access to the latest scientific knowledge English-Tamil dictionary. mercators projection. Interpretation Translatio

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The Mercator projection has been the standard mapping projection for several centuries. Chapter 10 Global positioning systems More to the point, especially considering the key factor of distance, the choice of the common Mercator projection , with all its inherent north-south distortions, is unfortunate This detailed Chart of the World on Mercators Projection was printed in the People's Family Atlas of the World, published in 1889. This map shows a great deal of topographical information, including lakes, mountains, and rivers. 'The size of the book is 12 x 18. Seller Inventory # 69003. More information about this seller | Contact this seller 5. Chart of the World on Mercators Projection. Mercators Projection World Map Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art is the ideal piece for the modern home. Awaken the wanderlust in you and dream about your next vacation or make a push pin map to showcase your travels. Our 100% premium canvas is made of the best materials, ensuring longer lifespan and durability Finden Sie Top-Angebote für Alte Landkarte 1875: Erdkarte in Mercators Projection. Westliche Hemisphäre (M3) bei eBay. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel Herbert, William: A New Map or Chart in Mercators Projection of the Ethiopic Ocean Herbert, William. A New Map or Chart in Mercators Projection of the Ethiopic Ocean with Part of Africa and South America. Kupferstichkarte. 62 x 83 cm. London um 1763. Seltene Karte, die den südlichen Atlantik, Südamerika und die Westküste Afrikas zeigt. - Mehrfach gefaltet, teils verso mit Hinterlegungen.

Old World Map on Mercators Projection Original old hand coloured map of the World on Mercators projection circa 1860, please note the countries are named as they were then i.e. Persia, Arabia and Siam etc. Joined from two pages of an atlas there are a few stains as expected with a document that's over 150 years old. 1860 Stock Phot Gerardus Mercator, Flemish cartographer whose most important innovation was a map, embodying what was later known as the Mercator projection, on which parallels and meridians are rendered as straight lines spaced so as to produce at any point an accurate ratio of latitude to longitude. He als Beautiful World Map Vintage Atlas 1914 Mercator Projection. Historic Pictoric Map - Europe 1914 - Century Atlas World - Vintage Poster Art Reproduction - 24in x 18in. Great Vintage World Map in 1882. Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Add to Cart Customer Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars: 4.7 out of 5 stars: 5.0 out of 5 stars: Price: $59.99 $ 59. 99: $29.97 $ 29. 97: $39.99 $ 39. 99: $29.97 $ 29.

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Chart of the world on Mercators projection : with the dip & variation of the compass, the trade winds & monsoon Map Of The Pacific Ocean On Mercator's Projection. 26 x 21.25cm (10.5 x 8.25 inches ). Showing Captain Cook's voyages between 1769 and 1779. The southern part of Australia is not shown on this map. This antique engraving was made in 1824 and is from A New And Complete System Of Universal Geography, Or An Authentic History And Interesting Description Of The Whole World And Its Inhabitants by. Mercator's projection Definition: an orthomorphic map projection on which parallels and meridians form a rectangular grid ,... | Bedeutung, Aussprache, Übersetzungen und Beispiel

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Mercator Misconceptions: Clever Map Shows the True Size ofBreathtaking Photoshot Of Enormous Iceberg Reveals Its37 Eye-Catching World Map Posters You Should Hang On Your
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